Current application features

Here we will discuss only topics related to the miniVNA Android application
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Current application features

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This is a sticky post which contains the list of all the features and limitations of the currently available version of the application:

Current version of the application (0.2) has the following features:
- fully control the data acquisition from a miniVNA analyzer equipped with a Bluetooth interface. If you have a standard miniVNA then you can build your own Bluetooth interface based on the documentation available on my web site here;
- support for all SmartPhones and Tablets with a resolution between 320x240 and 1280x800, based on Android version 2.2 or higher (physically tested on Galaxy TAB 7.7 P6800 and for the rest of the resolutions on emulators;
- the following parameters can be measured : SWR, |Z|, Return Loss, Phase, Rs, |Xs|
- screen content is automatically adapted to the device resolution / dpi for optimum graphic details;
- gesture (Multi Touch) support for horizontal zoom and frequency shift without a new capture;
- antenna (reflection) mode support;
- transmission mode support;
- offline support (can load and save vectorial data - .vec format). Internal memory is used if no SD card;
- compatibility at file level with the Windows application (MiniVNA by IW3HEV and IW3IJZ beta version 2.3.4);
- demo capture file included to be able to use the application even without a miniVNA;
- virtual LED to display current connection mode: GRAY – not yet connected, BLUE – BT connected, RED – Error connecting over BT, GREEN – Offline Mode;
- automatically enter Offline Mode when Bluetooth is disabled;
- select one of the predefined bands (all HAM bands) or a custom frequency interval (anywhere between 0.1 and 180MHz);
- select parameter to display (using different colors);
- activate /deactivate 1 marker which can freely be moved by dragging it around the screen;
- display all the parameters values at the marker position (only for the selected ones);
- toggle display of all the selected parameters for the minimum SWR frequency;
- save in the configuration file the calibration values for both Reflection (Antenna) and Transmission modes;
- pairing with the Bluetooth device directly from the application.

- soes not support connection through the USB interface (only Bluetooth);
- does not support miniVNA Pro device (protocol unavailable);
- cable Loss, Cable Length and Generator features not yet implemented.
- support for only one marker.
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