troubles in connecting FTdx10

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troubles in connecting FTdx10

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hello I am trying to use RxTx app with FTdx10 but I am have some troulbes.
I have (it seems) succesfully connected the server Jarec to the radio. When I turn on the app, the server becomes dark green and the app connects to the radio but the only think I can do is listening to the audio from the frequency that is currently selected on the radio. None of commands on the app works. Not even the shown frequency is the real one that I am listening to. When I turn the app off something happens on the radio, but seem random (e.g the mode switches, or the witdth values is displayed...)
I provide my current connection settings. On the Jarec server: CAT serial port=COM4 Baudrate=38400 Listening on= Port=7809 PTT=CAT
On the app: Hostname is the same IP as the one on the Listening on value on JArec, the CAT is the same value of the Port on Jarec.
On the app, obviously the radio shown is the right one.
What could be wrong? Could anyone help?

Peter IU0DHV
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Re: troubles in connecting FTdx10

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Can you please try first to see if you can control the radio from jAReC directly?

73 Dan YO3GGX
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