TS950SDX config

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TS950SDX config

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hello Dan,

i would like to create a config file for my TS950SDX. therfore i don't know how to handle the commands.

i started from TS2000 config file. frequence change is working as it with this config file but not PTT as example or other commands

i don't know how to complete as example




as example RX and TX commands for TS950SDX are "TX;" and "RX;" respectivly, so really different compared to TS2000 commands. SET_PTT={OFF=<SRX>;ON=<STX0>;},<S;>

or frequency Change for TS950 is FA00007100000;MD1; vs PAT_FREQ=<SF>,{VFO:<SA0>=VFO-A;<SB0>=VFO-B;},{FREQ:<C9><C8><C7><C6><C5><C4><C3><C2><C1><C0>;},<S;> for TS2000
or filter range FL005010;

Dan can you please help me to start the config file? i will share it after on the forum for the interested peoples.

best regards
73 Cedric F4JGI
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