BlueVNA version 0.8 now available in Play Store

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BlueVNA version 0.8 now available in Play Store

Post by yo3ggx »

Hi all,

A new version of BlueVNA (0.8) is now available in Play Store.

What's new in 0.8 comparing with 0.7:
- usb support added for both miniVNA standard and Pro, with the condition that the Android device is able to power up the miniVNA over USB;
- button added to display all menu items in the same time on the screen;
- extended preset frequency range for each band. You can zoom for more details;
- ask to enable Bluetooth at startup if disabled;
- the vertical marker follows frequency when zoming or shifting;

Solved bugs:
- incorrect phase in miniVNA Pro mode.
- if switch from Extender to non-Extender old frequency range is keept (which can be out of band);
- shift modify zoom in low zoom circumstances;

Please send me any feedback you may have.

Best regards,