BlueVNA version 0.8.1

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BlueVNA version 0.8.1

Post by yo3ggx »

Hi all,

Based on users feedback, a new version was published in Play Store.
This new version will be visible in a couple of hours.

What's new comparing with 0.8:
- revert to the 'btvna' folder to store the data/calibration files (from 'btvnanew' folder in the latest update);
- add Menu shortcut button to Calibration and Generator screens too;
- in Extender mode, added as frequencies for cable measurement the following values: 200MHz, 435MHz, 900MHz, 1250MHz and 1500MHz;
- in calibration mode a letter is displayed in the rioght part of the screen to show the calibration type (R - reflection, T - transmission).

Bugs solved:
- Wrong message for Transmission LOOP calibration for miniVNA standard;

If you already saved some captures or calibration data with version 0.8, please manually move (using the PC or a file explorer on the device) all the files from the folder /btvnanew to folder /btvna

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

73 Dan YO3GGX