BlueVNA version 0.9.3

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BlueVNA version 0.9.3

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Hi all,

Update (Mar 27th, 2014): version 0.9.3-1 - fix a bug which makes the application crash on some devices even from the startup.

Version 0.9.3 is available now in Play Store.
A lot of changes/fixes from 0.9.2:
- change from Xs to |Xs| in VNA standard mode, as the value is always positive;
- Bluetooth auto-reconnect removed because of connection stability issues;
- prevent device going to sleep when the application is started;
- LOAD Button Is back In the Calibration Panel;
- CANCEL Button In Calibration selection window leave you In calibration, Not back In reflection/transmission;
- better handling battery voltage display for miniVNA Pro when changing modes;
- some stability improvements;

Bugs solved:
- Phase symbol not displayed in Smith Chart;
- in Smith Chart Z is displayed on the button instead of |Z|;
- some of the stability issues fixed;
- transmission calibration is lost if switching between loop and open calibration;
- crash when using some devices without SD card;
- message that WiFi is not available when running in the Bluestacks emulator;
- when trying to save data to a file, the filename is cropped in the upper part for some devices;
- crash when using miniVNA standard in USB mode;
- phase symbol not displayed in Smith Chart;
- if number of calibration passes selection messagebox is displayed, you can press run but you get an error;
- when you save calibration data filename must start with 'a' in order to be able to save the file;
- sometimes duplicate files in file load dialog box;
- duplicate menu items if resetting configuration file;
- Smith diagram messed up in 0.9.2 (no continuous run, wrong display, etc);
- network socket not saved;
- Java crash in Android 4.0.4 (ICS) when closing different windows.

73 Dan YO3GGX