BlueVNA version 0.9.5

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BlueVNA version 0.9.5

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Hi all,

A new BlueVNA version is available in Play Store. This is the full list of changes, accumulated since the last latest major release (0.9.4):
- redesigned XLC mode
- L and C measurements (experimental)
- display firmware version, internal miniVNA temperature for Tiny mode in startup page
- get battery voltage for Tiny (not yet functional in current firmware)
- better handling of VNA type change
- replace Wi-Fi by NET as you can connect over 3G/VPN too
- add 23cm and 13cm bands in Tiny mode
- bigger fonts for file list
- better interpolation for calibration data to eliminate capture noise
- change antenna bandwidth calculation (delta F) for SWR = 3 instead of SWR = 2
- add configurable DDS clock
- auto reconnect if returning from standby
- new selectable feature: auto export data to a ZPLOT, S1P or CSV file after a reflection or transmission capture
- some code cleanup
- Bugs solved:
several bugs in Tiny mode
wrong VNA name for Tiny
no Phase scale for Tiny
do not force calibration if calibration data unavailable
fix the bug in continuous capture which generates wrong results
text in file export text input to big and not centered vertically
pressing any of the export buttons does not have any effect
in the exported files first two data lines contains invalid values
issues connection Tiny over USB (a big splash picture prevents starting the app)
DONE key does nothing when saving capture or calibration
"Invalid length CSV file " when importing a CSV file
memory leak/hang in miniVNA Standard mode capture
switch from miniVNA standard to Pro mode without any specific reason

The main added feature in the new version is the experimental L and C measurement mode. Please read the updated application user guide for more details about the usage. Is available online here:
or as a downloadable PDF file here:
As usual, in the online version you can select your preferred language in the top of the page (Thanks Google!)
Please send me your feedback and/or improvements suggestions, using e-mail or this forum.
If you are satisfied with the application, please rate it in Play Store: ... 3ggx.btvna

Thank you in advance,
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