RSPdx SDR control with RxTx

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RSPdx SDR control with RxTx

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RxTX and SDRplay RSPdx
I need a remote monitoring tool for some VHF/FM and HF/USB channels…Purchased the last SDRplay receiver, the completely redesigned RSPdx model, really brilliant in sensitivity, selectivity, overload resistance etc.
But…For real remote applications you need a streaming tool and the one proposed by the maker, RSP_TCP paired with the well known HDSDR software has issues with the normal ADSL capacities and server machine OS and power.
So I moved to RxTx app, using phone or tablet. The server machine is an HPmini 2140 PC, running Windows XP service pack 3 with 2 GB RAM. Testing the SDRuno + jarec 3.0 “package” on my Windows 10 machine shown everything was in order, both when LAN accessing the receiver or WAN through the internet. With the XP “low end” machine it was a different story. First of all you have to find a java version working on XP since Oracle ceased the XP support… This is the 8.74 version.
Then, you have to install VB Cable, which when installed on my HP mini appears as “VB Point”. Also, you have to create a pair of virtual com ports and I passed some 2 hours trying to install the well known com0com application. It was installed, but the “found new hardware” wizzard kept me busy for a while… Re-boot, uninstall, re-install…Finally I managed to create a pair with the eltima VSPD software.
Then, you have to start the maker’s SDRuno app, set the CAT and OUT (audio) choices and start the jarec applet. But in my XP pc the VB cable does not offer “input” and “output” cables. Everything is “VB Point”…So I initially had full receiver control of the receiver through RxTx but no audio ! I had to set VB Point as“input” and “Primary sound processor” as “output” in the jarec v3.0 audio configuration in order to have audio.
To that add the issues with (Greek) operators, who are “locking” port forwarding… No matter what you do in your router settings, you have to ask the ISP to “unlock” the ports ! Also, when using a ZTE Speedport 2 I router, you must save the settings as “PTM_DSL” and not “ATM_DSL” if your line is over 24 MBps speed…
Finally, and with e-mail support from Dan I managed to remotely control my SDR with a phone or tablet. The sys load in SDRuno is well over 85 – 91 % on the server but it works even on a humble vintage XP machine ! Soon I will try a Raspberry Pi3 server for 24/7 service and I wait for jarec v.4
Thanks Dan !
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Re: RSPdx SDR control with RxTx

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Thank you Michael for sharing your experience.
I hope v4 I'm working on will improve your experience.

73 Dan YO3GGX
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