I'm tryring to use the Bluetooth CAT Adapter to work with my FT-857D

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I'm tryring to use the Bluetooth CAT Adapter to work with my FT-857D

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I purchased the CAT to Bluetooth Adapter. When I plug it into the Accessory Jack of my FT-857D and then I follow the instructions shown on the ebaY page trying to run pocket RxTx, nothing happens.
I am trying to use my Samsung S20 5G phone. All of my software is up to date. I use the following procedure:
1. Connect the BT Adapter to the FT-857D Accessory Jack.
2. Power up the FT-857D
3. Start pocket RxTx
4. Press Start on the pRxTx program
At this point, nothing happens.
I press the Bluetooth icon on the pRxTx and it goes to the Bluetooth page. It goes back to the setup and I have tried everything I can think of. I have tried all data rate settings on the FT-8t7D. No change, nothing seems to work.
The light on the Bluetooth Adapter does not light, I get no signal that indicates that my phone has not synced (Paired) with my phone.
Finally, happens. I cannot control my radio.
One last point, This sytem works correctly when connected with USB on this radio and this phone. I do not want to return this device, I really need it to work.
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Re: I'm tryring to use the Bluetooth CAT Adapter to work with my FT-857D

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There is a small bug in the current version. Please use the following workaround after you unpair the BT module:
Use the following workaround:

1. RESET the config file (OPT > SYSTEM > RESET)
2. Enter your callsign and press "Direct CAT"
3. Select your radio from the list and press on LOAD, to save config file locally.
4. Press Bluetooth
5. Do not press on SEARCH! Press OK instead.
6. Press on START
7. Press on BACK arrow in the uper right part of the screen.
8. Now press on Bluetooth and then on SEARCH.
9. Select your Bluetooth interface from the list
10. Press OK

Now you can connect and control your radio.

Check that the Bluetooth module Baudrate is the same as the one in the radio CAT menu (38400 recommended for FT8x7 radios).
If you want to change the Baudrate set in the BT module, you can use the procedure described here at page 4.
https://www.yo3ggx.ro/btcat/FT8x7_DIY_B ... ace_v1.pdf

Hope this solve your issue.
73 Dan YO3GGX
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